Computer support & repair, rebuilds, hardware/peripheral installation, troubleshooting

Articles (21)

Browsing All Files Graphically on Linux

How to browse all files graphically on a Linux system.

Clearing your Java Cache

Instructions for clearing your Java Cache

Defining an On-domain or Off-domain Machine

The differences between on-domain and off-domain computers at Michigan Tech

Electronic Recycling Information

Information on recycling items such as printer cartridges and electronics, including pricing.

Find your computer name

How to find your computer name

Getting a Discount on Hardware Purchases for your Personal Use

How to get a Discount on Hardware Purchases for your Personal Use

Graduate Student Productivity Machines

A general overview of Graduate Student Productivity Machines and how to get them set up for productivity.

Hardware Included on Graduate Student Productivity Machines

An overview of the hardware that is included with a graduate student productivity machine.

Microsoft Edge Compatibility Issues with Michigan Tech Applications

Microsoft Edge web browser (Windows 10 default) is not compatible with Banner, Banweb, Canvas, MyMichiganTech, Discoverer, Oracle Reports and possibly other Michigan Tech related sites.

Open Internet Explorer (Windows 10)

How to find and open the Internet Explorer browser on Windows 10

Opening a Banner Oracle Report with Excel

Instructions for opening a Banner Oracle report in Excel

Remote Connection to a Linux Computer

Instructions for remotely connecting to a Linux computer (Windows and Mac OS)

Support for Personal Computers

Local support options for your personal computer

Temporary Scratch Space on a Linux Machine

Linux users have a user scratch space system available on all RHEL7 Linux Lab and faculty/staff/graduate student machines.

Troubleshooting Java issues with Banner

Information on resetting your browser with Banner issues with Java

Using Input Sources to Type in Other Languages in OSX

How to add input sources for typing in alternative languages and how to switch between multiple input sources.

Using One Lab Computer at a Time

Information about Using More than One Lab Computer at a Time

Using Tech Apps (formerly Self Service) on a University-Owned Mac

Use Tech Apps to help install software and printers on a University-Owned Mac

Verifying an SSH Key Fingerprint

For Linux users, an SSH key fingerprint is a way for you to verify that the computer you're connecting to is really the one you expect

Windows 10 Slow Logins

Troubleshooting steps that can help minimize slow logins using Windows 10.