Resources for new students

A collection of knowledge base articles helpful to new students; there is also information available on our Resources for Students web page at:

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New or replacement Husky Cards, Husky Card Services and member balances, Special Cards, CSGold

How to connect to and use the HuskyPrint stations on campus, including how to add money to your account for color printing.

Support for your Michigan Tech account, including managing your password.

Network/wireless support in Residence Halls, Game console & other device connectivity

Articles (14)

Information Technology Q&A for new students

An overview of IT information for incoming students

Campus computing device requirement and loaners

Information on the campus computing device requirement - effective as of the Fall 2020 semester, all students are required to have a computing device.

Software Distribution Center downloads (personal device)

Download software that is licensed for use on personally-owned devices for current students, staff, and faculty

Microsoft software (personal device)

Available Microsoft software for for students, faculty, and staff personal computers

Support for personal devices

Local support options for your personal computer

AppsAnywhere overview

Learn about AppsAnywhere, Michigan Tech's cloud-based software delivery system, which supplies all Windows computer labs on campus.

What is Duo?

Michigan Tech uses Duo, a two-factor authentication service to verify your identity when you log into systems with access to sensitive information. Find out how to get started by learning about your options for registering devices and phone numbers to use the service.

Using Express Cash

Adding Express Cash to your HuskyCard, checking balances, getting withdrawals or refunds, adding money to Papercut for color printing

Student status and system access

Guidelines for how long a student retains access after graduating or leaving the university.

Connecting to M: multidrive (Windows - minimally managed or personal)

How to connect to the Multidrive on a minimally managed or personal device running Windows 10

Connecting to a campus Windows computer (Windows)

This article lists which software is available on and instructions for connecting from a Windows computer.

Connecting to VPN (Windows)

Instructions for installing and running the VPN client on a Windows computer

Managing your H: home directory storage

This article explains how to use the storage tools web dashboard to help you manage your home directory storage.

Graduate student computer information

An overview of graduate student computers, including information on availability, intended use, and hardware and software configurations.