Laptops generally fall into the following categories:

  • Presentation/Economy: An affordable, standard laptop designated for shared use in a department for conference travel, or presentations
  • Standard: A good general use laptop, powerful but light enough for travel. Compatible with a dual-screen docking station.
  • Performance: A more powerful laptop with a dedicated graphics card for heavier duty applications or video/image editing. Compatible with a dual-screen docking station.

Latitude 3380

13" Presentation/Economy
Dell Latitude 3310 13"
Available to quote upon request

Latitude 5480

14" Standard
Dell Latitude 5450 Starting Price: $1,120
Lenovo T14 Gen 5 Starting Price: $1,135

Latitude 5510

15" and 16" Standard
Dell Latitude 5550 15.6" Starting Price: $1,150
Lenovo T16 Gen 3 16" Starting Price: $1,202

Precision 3541

16" Performance
Lenovo ThinkPad P16s Gen 3 16"
Starting Price: $1,525

Surface Pro

Surface Pro 13"
Starting Price: $1,118.99

MacBook Pro

Silver Space Gray
Starting Price: $1,888
Silver Space Gray
Starting Price: $2,588

MacBook Air

MacBook Air 13.3"
Starting Price: $1,228

MacBook Air 15"
Starting Price: $1,578
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