Smaller desktop printer (1-3 users)

Typically the University purchases business or enterprise-class products, which are specifically engineered and built to last much longer. This may cost more initially but has proven longevity and usability.

Departmental users are still able to purchase equipment from other vendors, if they so choose.

To assist in procurement, please send an email to, answering the following questions:

  1. Do you need Color or Monochrome?
  2. Do you need Printing only or a Multi-Function (fax, scan, copy, print)?
  3. Will this be connected locally to 1 computer only or to multiple computers through the network?  If multiple, how many?
  4. Where will this be installed (Building, Room #)?
  5. What index do you want to use for the purchase?

Departmental printers networked with many computers

Contact the following for different quotes.


Image Makers Inc.
Kevin Moyer


OPG: The Office Planning Group of Hancock (Sayens)


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