Services A-Z (91)

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Account Name Change

Request a change to your Michigan Tech account name when your legal name changes by marriage or other reasons

Account Request for CS Gold/Card Services, Footprints, RT or T2 Flex

Request an account in the following systems: CS Gold/Card Services, Footprints, RT or T2 Flex.

Add Voicemail to Email

This service allows you to have your voicemail messages sent to your Michigan Tech email address.

Adding a printer

Request to have a printer added to your computer.

Alumni and Advancement Systems

For help with Alumni and Advancement systems such as Banner Admin, CampusCALL, cVent, MyEMMA, MyMichiganTech, TouchNet and WebFOCUS

Athletics Systems

For help with Athletics systems such as Banner Admin, Card Services, University Tickets, WebFOCUS

Audio and Visual Equipment - Loaner Request

Request audio/visual equipment and support for campus events.

Auxiliary Systems

For help with Auxiliary systems such as Banner Admin, Banner, Card Services, Confluence, E-Cater, EMS Scheduler, Fore! Reservations, Micros, Nutritionist Pro, Perceptive Content, Red Shelf, RT, Social Tables, WinPrism


Banner and Reporting Access Forms and Contacts

Access to ASPIRE, Banner, Banner Workflow, EMAS, iOffice/Sunapsis, Perceptive Content, Slate and WebFocus

Billing Questions

Questions about a bill or charge you have received from Information Technology or our Telecommunications group.


Cable TV Installation

Request a new cable TV connection.

Cable TV issues

For issues or questions with Michigan Tech provided cable TV service.

Call Director Service

Call Director is a service provided upon request. It adds features such as playing additional messages, performing call transfers, sending pages or texts, etc., while handling calls that cannot be answered in-person.

Card Access Request

Request building and room access.

Card Production Orders

For purchases of card production inventory (card stock, ribbon, laminate, etc.).

Cell Service - Port Cellular Service Off Michigan Tech Account

Moving cell phone service from the Michigan Tech government account to a personally managed account.

Cell Service - Request Cellular Change of Liability (COL)

To be used when retaining your cellular account on the Michigan Tech government plan, but will be assuming responsibility for the payment yourself.

Cell Service - Request for International Travel

Request for International Travel with AT&T and Verizon.

Cell Service—Ordering or Upgrading Service

Changes or additions to cellular services, including cellphones, MyFi Units, and cellular connected tablets.

Changing Phone Button Programming

Request this service when you need to change the names/numbers displayed on your office phone.

Classrooms, conference rooms, and labs design and installation

For room technology design requests, including upgrading equipment or adding new technology.

Compliance-Related Questions

Get answers to compliance-related questions, like - "Can I store social security numbers?" or "How do I take credit card payments?", "Is my system compliant with the rules governing my research grant?" or any other compliance-related question. Michigan Tech IT will review and respond to your question.

Computer and Accessories Purchase

Use this request to purchase computers and accompanying computer accessories.


Departmental Inventory Request

Business Operations provides an inventory of computer workstations, laptops, tablets, smartphones, printers, etc.

Digital Signage Incident Request

Notifies Michigan Tech IT about digital sign issues.

Digital Signage: New Account Request

Add additional content manager accounts to your digital sign.

Digital Signage: New Layout Request

Request the modification of an existing digital signage layout or creation of a new layout.

Digital Signage: New Sign Request

Requesting a new digital sign for your area.

Document Imaging and Management

For help with document imaging and management with Perceptive Content


Equally Effective Alternate Access Plan (EEAAP)

Where it is not possible to provide fully accessible technology, an Equally Effective Alternate Access Plan (EEAAP) must be developed to document resources and processes for ensuring access to ICT products and services.


Facilities Management Systems

For help with Facilities Management systems such as Banner Admin, Banweb, BSD SpecLink, Card Services

Faculty - Combine Canvas Courses

For faculty wishing to combine courses in Canvas.

Faculty Information Systems

For help with Faculty Information systems such as ACMAL, ASPIRE, Canvas, Class List Generator, Course Tools, Concur, Digital Measures, Ellucian Banner Admin, Ellucian Banner Self-Service, Ellucian Banner Workflow, MyMichiganTech, Perceptive Content, Primavera, WebFOCUS

Finance Management Systems

For help with Finance Management systems such as ASPIRE, Banner Admin, Banweb, Clean Address, Concur, Perceptive Content, RT


Get help with Computer Hardware Problems

Use this service to request assistance with computer problems.

Graduate student computer request

Use this service to request a graduate student computer (productivity machine).


High-Performance Computing (HPC) Research Issues

High-Performance Computing (HPC) related issues.

Human Resources Management Systems

For help with Human Resource Management systems such as ASPIRE, Banner Admin, Banner Self-Service, Perceptive Content, Safety First, TimeClock Plus


IT Support Center Feedback

Submit feedback on your experiences with the knowledge base and the service catalog. Michigan Tech IT is always happy to hear from our customers.

IT Website Maintenance

Report Issues found on Michigan Tech IT web pages


Library Systems

For help with Library systems such as Alma, Card Services, CORAL


Move Services - Network or Phone Service

Request help with getting services moved to a new location.


New Phone Line Installation

To request a new phone line.


Order Paper

Place a paper order for your department.

Order Toner

Place an order for toner cartridges for your printer.


Password Reset

Use this service to request assistance resetting your Michigan Tech password.

Payment Processing - Credit Card / Gift Card / TouchNet general questions

General credit card processing / TouchNet store setup/transaction questions or issues with Retail Plus, WinPrism, and Micros

Presentation Support

Request presentation support for your next campus event—meetings, special presentations, or thesis defenses.

Printing problems

Report printer issues, e.g., print jobs that don't print, poor print quality, printer display issues, or access issues with printers.

Problems With a Landline Phone

Get help with a malfunctioning university office phone.

Purchase Adobe Creative Cloud Named User License

Purchase an Adobe Creative Cloud named user license.

Purchase Local - Individual Printer/Copier

Submit a request to purchase a personal printer.

Purchase Request

For all external purchase requests.

Purchasing Shared Network Printer/Copier

For use when purchasing high-volume departmental printers. When replacing high-volume printers, the Plant and Properties Office must be contacted first (


Reallocation of Expenditures (ROE)

The reallocation of expenditure form is to be used when a Department is reallocating expenditures from one Index or Account Code to another. This is occasionally necessary to correct bookkeeping or clerical errors in original charges.

Reassign Phone Service

Reassign a landline to another employee.

Recycling, resale, disposal of technology (with a Michigan Tech property tag)

Intended for equipment with a metal Michigan Tech property tag present.

Recycling, resale, disposal of technology (without a Michigan Tech property tag)

Equipment to be recycled must be reviewed by our Asset Management team.

Register new CAS Service

CAS Service registration allows users to authenticate with their Michigan Tech account to access your service.

Report a Paper Jam

Report a paper jam.

Report a wired network issue

Use this form to report a wired network issue.

Report HuskyCard or Door Reader Issue

Active HuskyCard holders experiencing an issue opening door(s) or gaining access using their HuskyCard can report the issue here.

Reporting and Analytics

For help with Ellucian ODS/EDW, Oracle Reports, QMenu, WebFOCUS

Request a Copy of your HuskyCard Photo

Please use this service to request a copy of your HuskyCard Photo

Request a credit card processing terminal

Request a credit card processing terminal.

Request a Department Meal Card

There are occasions when departments use meal cards with access to the residential dining halls. Use this service to request a departmental card.

Request a Multidrive (M:\ drive) share

Request a Multidrive M:\ share - a central data repository for course-specific files and folders

Request a TouchNet store

Request to set up a new TouchNet Store for credit card processing

Request Computer Rebuild

Request a computer rebuild.

Request Data, File, and Folder Restore

This service is used when you need assistance retrieving missing data, files, and folders,

Request for additional software on a graduate student productivity machine

Use this service to request software installations for graduate productivity computers that are beyond the standard productivity machine build. This service must be requested by the graduate student's staff or faculty advisor.

Request for IT Help

For general requests for IT help.

Request Hardware Evaluation

Request a hardware evaluation to assist you with budgeting decisions.

Request IT Access Badge

Requesting a new badge, extending the end date of a badge, or reprint a badge.

Request IT Presentation Laptop

Need to borrow a laptop for a Michigan Tech presentation? We can provide you with a loaner.

Request Lab Software (please complete one semester prior)

Requesting software to be installed in Michigan Tech Labs

Request New Card Reader Installation

Request a new card reader for interior or exterior campus doors.

Request Projector Bulb Replacement

Projectors in classrooms and conference rooms require bulb replacement on a periodic basis.  Use this form to request a new bulb for a classroom / conference room projector.

Request VMWare Academic Access

Request access to the VMware Academic Software Licensing Program

Requesting New Wireless Access Points (APs)

Requesting departmentally funded wireless access points (APs). Typically access points cost $800.00 plus the cost of jack installation if required.

Research Administrative Systems

For help with Research Administrative Systems such as Arches, ASPIRE, Cost Share, Digital Measures, Ellucian Banner Admin, Ellucian Banner Self-Service, Ellucian Banner Workflow, Superior Ideas, and TechTracS


Schedule a Zoom meeting or webinar

Request a consult and assistance for your next Zoom virtual meeting.

Security Incident

If you believe you or someone else on campus has been impacted by a security incident, or have witnessed computer suspicious behavior, report it here and Michigan Tech IT will review and respond.

Security-Related Questions

Submit your security questions and Michigan Tech IT will review and respond.

Software Installation

Installing software not found in the Software Center.

Software Support

Use this service to request support for desktop software applications.

Student Information Systems

For help with Student Information systems such as ALEKS, Campus Visit, Canvas, Clean Address, CollegiateLink, Confluence, CS Gold, Cumulus, EAB, Ellucian Banner Admin, Ellucian Banner Mobile, Ellucian Banner Self-Service, Ellucian Banner Workflow, EMAS, EMAS Mobile, Event registration, EverFi, Footprints, Grade Wizard, Handshake, LocalList, MaxGalaxy, Mongoose, MyMichiganTech, Outdoor Adventure Programs Rental System, Perceptive Content, QMenu, Roompact, Safety First Alert, Sunapsis, Titanium, uAchieve

Subscriber Changes-Reassign Service

To be used when services need to be reassigned to another subscriber.


TouchNet Account Request

Request account access to the Touchnet service used to process credit card transactions.

Transportation Services Systems

For help with Transportation Services systems such as Ellucian Banner Admin, Fleet Commander, T2 Flex parking system


VCASH Account Request

VCASH accounts are required for anyone who needs to log into a restricted VCASH machine to process credit card transactions.