Request a Network Repository (course based, personal or group)


This style of the data repository is designed to simplify the process of course-related data dissemination as well as a review of student assignment results in a secure and private environment. Another advantage is that this approach keeps course-related data out of a student's home directory which may not have adequate space for large course assignment results.

Student Data Folder Automation

Student access to the course data repository as well as the existence of their personal folder is based on course enrollment and automatically updated by IT Monday-Friday (up to one (1) business day delay).  There is no need for the course instructor to be concerned with adds and drops to the course.

Material Folder

Each course repository will contain a course_material folder that is maintainable by the instructor and readable by the course members.

Shared Folder

Each course repository will contain a shared_folder that allows access by all course members, instructor, and graders.


A supplied list of course graders will have access to read the contents of every student folder to allow for the review of assignment results.

Repository Size

The course instructor requests the repository size based on projected assignment results and enrollment.  This can be adjusted any time during the semester if necessary.

What to expect

Example: m:\me1234

Contents of folder me1234:

  • course_material
  • shared_folder
  • sally_student (really a username)
  • joe_student  (really a username)

Private Directories

Each student enrolled in the course will have their own folder that can only be viewed by the student owner, course instructor, and any graders defined by the instructor.

Available to

Requests for data repositories (course-based, personal, or shared) are honored only for faculty and staff.


  • If you are a student, work with your adviser or supervisor to have them submit the request.
  • The data repository will be accessible from within the Multidrive (m:\) system.
  • Select the Request Service button to submit your request.  This request form is intended to gather the necessary information for a variety of customer needs.  Some of the questions will not concern your particular needs and can be ignored.  If you encounter a question or field you either don't know the answer to or don't understand, you may leave it blank.
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