Request a file share (Multidrive)


File shares are used to securely store files and folders and share them with other people. On IT-managed Windows computers, file shares appear as folders in the M: drive (Multidrive). For Linux, macOS, and unmanaged computers, access instructions can be found in the Knowledge Base.

Typically, file shares will be for group, departmental, or course use.

Group, or departmental shares

A share may be requested for a group (such as a research or project group) or departmental use. A new or existing access group will be used to secure the file share, and access group members can be added or removed as necessary.

Course shares

A course share may be requested for a course and section, with access granted automatically based on the course enrollment. Optionally we can create and manage student and/or team folders within the share with permissions set appropriately for students, graders, and instructors.

Available to

Faculty and staff may request file shares. If you are a student, please ask your advisor or supervisor to submit a request.


Use the Request Service button to submit your request. The IT storage team will follow up with you and request any necessary details.

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