Adding HuskyPrint and Papercut on an off-domain Linux machine manually

Papercut is required.
Papercut is particular about the Java version it needs. Our testing concluded that it needs Java version 1.8.0_181+ in order to work properly on Fedora/RHEL/Centos systems; your experience may vary. If you want to add the husky-bw and husky-color printers to cups you’ll also need admin privileges.

Caution:  Java 10+ is required for Papercut and it will not work with version 9 or below.

Packages needed: You'll also need the packages ‘cupsd’ and ‘lpadmin’

Note: These instructions are based on a RHEL system. You may need to customize the commands based on your particular Linux distribution.

Manually Install and Run Papercut

  1. Download mtu-linux-printing.tar.bz2.
  2. Copy the installer to the desired directory. Extract the tarball and only copy the ‘papercut’ folder to your desired location.
    $ tar -xvjf mtu-printing.tar.bz2
    $ cp -r papercut <desired-location>
  3. Run papercut. The location of the Papercut script is in:./papercut/
    Note: ./ will represent your <desired-location>. You may need to add the executable flag:$ chmod +x ./papercut/

Manually Add Printers

  1. Open a terminal window.
  2. Enable and start ‘cupsd’ daemon. Note: You’ll need sudo, or root, for the following commands:
    # systemctl enable cupsd
    # systemctl start cupsd
  3. Select the printer ppd from the available list. For example, husky-bw or husky-color.
  4. Right-click on Raw File in the upper right hand corner right-click, and select “Copy Link Location”
    Raw File ppd
  5. Download the printer ppd link to a location, using using wget or curl, such as:
    • Note: Remove the following from the link before executing:
    • Use the following commands:
      $ wget
      $ wget

      download printer ppd
  6. Add printers using the lpadmin command when you have the desired ppds downloaded. Note: You’ll need sudo, or root, for the following commands:
    Replace /home/printers with your own location
    # lpadmin -p husky-bw -E -v lpd:// -P "/home/printers/Downloads/drivers/husky-bw.ppd"
    # lpadmin -p husky-color -E -v lpd:// -P "/home/printers/Downloads/drivers/husky-color.ppd"
    add printers

Add Additional Printers

To add departmental printers, follow the instructions above, making the following adjustments: 

  1. Change the printer name.
  2. Change the ‘lpd’ location.
  3. Download the corresponding ppd.
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