Using PaperCut to print (Mac - minimally managed or personal)

Papercut requirement

You can install Papercut and HuskyPrint on minimally managed or personal devices to print to campus networked printers. 

Please disconnect from the VPN before you print, as it will prevent the Papercut client from prompting for credentials. You can reconnect when you are done printing.

If you are off-campus and connected to the same home network as another Michigan Tech student, staff, or faculty, you will need to sign out after you are done with your print job before the next person prints. 

Using Papercut

  1. You will need to install Papercut and HuskyPrint on your device.
  2. Launch PaperCut MF Client or PCClient from your Applications.
  3. Log in with your Michigan Tech account name and password. Selecting Remember my identity will remember your PaperCut login on your computer
  4. The dashboard window should appear in the upper right corner of the screen with your Express Cash balance. Express Cash will be charged when printing in color.
    Express Cash balance


  1. Once you have launched the PaperCut client, print to husky-bw or husky-color from an application, such as a web browser or Word.
  2. PaperCut will prompt for your credentials again.
  3. Enter your Michigan Tech account name and password.
  4. In the drop-down menu, select how long your credentials are remembered. Selecting Until I log out will remember you until you log out of, or shut down, your computer. ​​​​​​This works best with a reliable internet connection. If the internet connection is interrupted at any time while printing, PaperCut will prompt for credentials again.
  5. Select OK or press the Enter key.
  6. PaperCut will notify you that your print job has been held in a queue.
  7. Visit one of the HuskyPrint locations on-campus.
  8. Tap your HuskyCard or select Alternate Login to log in with your Michigan Tech account name and password to list your print jobs. 
  9. Select the jobs to print.


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