Connecting to a campus Windows computer (Linux)

VPN requirement

A VPN connection is required, if off-campus or using a minimally managed or personal device.


  1. Press the Windows/Super key in the lower left of the keyboard or bring your mouse cursor to the top left of the screen to bring up the GNOME Activity Overview.
  2. Search for remote desktop viewer.
    remote desktop viewer
  3. Select enter or click the icon to enter the Remote Desktop Viewer.
    Remote Desktop Viewer Window
  4. Select the Connect button in the upper left of the interface. It will bring up a dialog box for creating a new connection.
  5. Enter the connection settings, then choose Connect.
    • Protocol: RDP
    • Host: Enter the hostname of the Windows computer
    • Username: Enter your Michigan Tech account name
    • Domain: Enter MTU
    •  You can also edit the display options of the remote desktop with the Width and Height options (in pixels), enable fullscreen mode, or enable scaling of the display. All display options but width and height can be modified while the connection is ongoing
      Connect Window
  6. If this is your first time connecting to the host, it will show a certification dialog. 
    • Verify that all of the information seems trustworthy and representative of the computer you are trying to connect to before actually connecting. 
    • Notify IT at 906-487-1111 or if a certificate for a computer on campus looks suspicious (i.e., has a subject line that does not correspond to MTU or something familiar).
      Certification Dialog
  7. An authentication prompt appear upon successful communication with the machine. The username and domain will already be populated if you filled them out on the previous screen. Enter your password and select Authenticate.
    Authentication Window
  8. If everything was successful, you will now be connected to the Windows computer.
    Windows Computer Connection
  9. To disconnect from the computer, use the Logoff desktop shortcut displayed on the remote Windows desktop.
  10. Next, either select the Disconnect button to the right of the Connect button in the upper right of the Remote Desktop Viewer interface or close the program.


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