Drive letters explained

C, M, and H drives

C:\ drive is the storage that is local to the specific computer you are on, better known as its hard drive. This is where all programs will be installed and where the operating system for the computer is located. Anything stored on the C:\ drive will only be stored on that particular computer and will not follow you to another computer. The C:\ drive is not automatically backed up on IT’s servers and files stored on the local drive may also be visible to anyone else who logs into the computer.

M:\ drive, or Multidrive, is a folder that contains your shared network repositories (folders). M:\ drive does not refer to an actual shared folder, but rather contains links to your specific shared folders. The M:\ drive is backed up daily on IT’s servers and allows you to access previous versions of the files/folders simply by right clicking and choosing Properties and navigating to the 'Previous Versions' tab.

H:\ drive is your home directory for your Michigan Tech account. This drive is specific to you and is available by logging in with your Michigan Tech ID and password on domain bound computers. The H:\ drive is stored on IT’s central servers, not on a local computer. This is your specific space to store documents only you need access to. The H:\ drive is also backed up daily on IT’s servers and has the same previous version functionality as the M: (multidrive) folder.

Other drive letters

Other drive letters may show up if, for example, you have the program EMAS installed, which uses the Q:\ drive.

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