Restore files on the M: multidrive or H: home drive (Windows)

The H: home drive (your home directory) and M: multidrive (shared network repositories) are backed up daily. Backups of the last 7 days can be retrieved by following these steps from a fully managed device running Windows or has the network drive mounted. 

IT may be able to restore files from older backups. If you'd like assistance restoring data from an older backup, please create a restore request here.

For information on how to restore files within Red Hat Linux, please visit the Related Articles list.


  1. Open File Explorer (manilla folder icon).
  2. Select the desired network drive and select Properties.  Alternately, right-click the drive and select Properties. You may need to select Show More Options first.
    Select Properties
  3. From the Properties window select the Previous Versions tab.
  4. Select the date of the backup you are looking for and select Open
    Previous Versions
  5. This opens an explorer window with previous versions of the files and directories. For example, you can see of a backup of an H: drive from 2 hours previous.
    Choose Files
  6. Copy and paste or drag and drop files/directories to another location to restore these files.


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