Restoring a file on an on-domain Red Hat Linux computer

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This article explains how to access snapshots of your home directory while on an on-domain Red Hat computer.


  1. Open a terminal and type cd ~/.snapshot
  2. Type ls -la to get a list of the available directories with dates. They are formatted as below:
    • daily.YEAR-MO-DA_TIME
    • hourly_7to7.YEAR-MO-DA_TIME
    • monthly_1stday.YEAR-MO-DA_TIME
    • weekly.YEAR-MO-DA_TIME
  3. cd into the directory that contains the date from which you are looking to restore.
  4. After finding the file that you want to restore, you will want to copy the file back to your home drive.
    Example:   cp -i ./test.txt ~/testfromsnapshot.txt

For information on how to restore files within Windows, please visit our support article on restoring a file on an on-domain Windows computer.

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