NX install for Windows

A VPN connection is required, if off-campus.
Michigan Tech VPN - vpn.mtu.edu

Students enrolled in the Engineering Fundamentals course need to access NX from their personal computers. Visit Siemens Online Software Learning Resources Support for support and training materials.

Before you begin

  • Check the available disk space you have on your computer drive(s). Please visit the support article to find out how much storage your Windows PC has. You will need at least 36GB (16GB for the installation files and 20GB for the NX installed program). 
  • If you would like to install NX on another hard drive, please find the section Option to install in the D: drive instead of the C: drive on your Windows PC for instructions.
  • Antivirus can sometimes block NX from installing or from contacting the campus license server. If you are having issues, you may need to temporarily disable your third-party antivirus while installing and using NX.
  • To install NX on a Mac, you will first need to setup a Windows 10 VM.
  • Using NX requires communication with the campus license server in order to run the software. In order to contact the license server from off-campus, you must establish a VPN connection to campus.

Installing NX

  1. Visit our Software Distribution Center to find the NX software page.
    Spring 2021 - Latest version is NX v1904
  2. Login to Google Drive with your Michigan Tech email.
  3. Download the NX ZIP file from the Media Downloads section. 
    WARNING: It is VERY large (8GB). It will take some time to download.
  4. Find the downloaded NX ZIP file.
  5. Right-click on the NX ZIP file and select Extract All.
  6. Select a destination, then select Extract. Wait until it finishes.
  7. You should now see two folders that are similar. One is the NX ZIP file that you downloaded and the other is the NX file folder, the extracted file folder.
  8. If you are off-campus, connect to the VPNIf you are using a Windows 10 VM on your Mac, connect to the VPN on your Mac instead.
  9. Open the NX file folder, not the NX ZIP file.
    Open NX 1904 file folder, not NX 1904.zip
  10. Right-click on the Deploy-Application.exe file, then select Run as Administrator. You can view file extensions by using the instructions at Common file name extensions in Windows.
  11. Wait until the installer completes.
  12. Launch NX.
    Righ-click Deploy-Application.exe then Run As Administrator

Option to install in the D: drive instead of the C: drive on your Windows PC

If you do not have enough space on your C: drive and you have another hard drive, such as a D: drive, with enough free disk space, you can modify the installer BEFORE you run the Deploy-Application.exe file.

  1. After you download and extract the NX ZIP file, find the Deploy-Application.ps1 Windows PowerShell script file in the NX file folder.
  2. Right-click on Deploy-Application.ps1 and select Edit.
    Edit Deploy-Application.ps1
  3. Search for the following content:
     INSTALLDIR=`"$envProgramFiles\Siemens\NX`" LICENSESERVER=27000@license.mtu.edu"
  4. Edit the line:
     INSTALLDIR=`"D:\Program Files\Siemens\NX`" LICENSESERVER=27000@license.mtu.edu"
  5. Search for the following content:
    "Show-InstallationWelcome -CloseApps 'ugraf,java,javaw,lmtools,LicensingTool,MkEditor,Postino,runugpost,cmd'-CheckDiskSpace-PersistPrompt"
  6. Edit the line:
    "Show-InstallationWelcome -CloseApps 'ugraf,java,javaw,lmtools,LicensingTool,MkEditor,Postino,runugpost,cmd   -PersistPrompt" 
  7. Save the file as Deploy-Application.ps1

Using NX in the computer labs

You can also use NX on one of the Windows lab computers listed at Computer Labs on Campus.

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