Connecting a device to the residential network (Resnet)

Wired and wireless devices in our residence halls are registered and connect through our ClearPass system.  Michigan Tech IT uses ClearPass network access control (NAC) to help keep track of who owns a device on the network.  We need to know who owns a device for various reason, including instances when we may need to track down an infected machine so we can alert the owner,  or in the event of a notice related to copyright infringement.

For devices such as Smart TV's, Gaming Consoles (XBOX, PlayStation, Nintendo, etc.), and wireless printers that are not running Windows, Mac OS, or Linux, and that may not understand advanced network authentication you'll need to pre-register those devices before connecting them to the network.  

The registration process is easy and should only take a few minutes.  Once registered, if you are connecting these devices wirelessly you should be connecting them to MichiganTechOpen.  Smart Phones or Tablets (Apple iOS, Windows or Android), laptops running Mac OS, Windows or Linux should be connected to the eduroam wireless network.

The registration process is fairly quick and easy and is explained in this article: Registering a Device with ClearPass

Smart TV, XBOX ONE, and PlayStation 4 players

After the registration process you may need to leave your device fully powered off for up to 5 minutes before attempting to reconnect your device to the MichiganTechOpen wireless network. These devices have a tendency to not want to disconnect and reconnect to the network once registered and require a quick "time out."

Google Chromecast

You need to register both the Chromecast, and the device you are using to set up the Chromecast, to the ClearPass registration site and Enable AirGroup for both. You will also need to contact IT to complete the initial setup.

Which wireless network to connect to depending on device type

The table below lists the wireless network to access for each device type.

Wireless network for each device type
Device Type Wireless Network
Amazon FireTV MichiganTechOpen
Android Tablet eduroam
AppleTV MichiganTechOpen
Bluray Player MichiganTechOpen
Google Chromecast MichiganTechOpen
iPad eduroam
Mac OS Laptop eduroam
Network Controlled Lighting MichiganTechOpen
PlayStation MichiganTechOpen
RaspberryPI MichiganTechOpen
Roku Box MichiganTechOpen
Smart Phone (iOS/Android)   eduroam
SmartTV MichiganTechOpen
Wii/Wii U MichiganTechOpen
Windows Laptop eduroam
Wireless Printer MichiganTechOpen
XBOX MichiganTechOpen
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