Moving Zoom Recordings to Google Drive

  1. Once the session has been processed by Zoom, an email will be sent to your inbox. Depending on the length of the session, this can take from 30 to 90 minutes.

  2. Sign in to Zoom.

  3. Select Recordings from the left-hand menu.

Recordings highlighted on the left side menu

  1. In the right-hand column, select More for the specific recording.

  2. Select Download (2 files) from the drop-down menu.
    dropdown box on right side of the menu showing download (2 files) option

  3. For the video and audio recording of the meeting, choose the .mp4 file.

  4. For just the recorded audio feed of the meeting, choose the .m4a file.

  5. Copy the desired file.

  6. Log into your Google account at

  7. Create a folder in Google Drive for the course (this step will only need to be completed the first time a lecture is being moved into Google Drive).

  8. Configure sharing permissions for the folder.

  9. Copy the specified file into the specific course folder.

named course located in Drive with content added

  1. Rename the file with the course name and date, for example, BUSN121 Lecture 3-11-2020.mp4.

  2. Share the Google Drive folder in Canvas for the specific course.

  3. Repeat these steps as necessary for each course.

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