Working with your ticket request in the IT Support Center

Viewing your request

You can access your request in the IT Support Center from the link in the email you received when you submitted your request or by following the steps to View Your IT Requests.  You can see the activity regarding your ticket request and it will look something like the screenshot below. 

Please note that you are only able to view requests on which you are listed as the requester from your Michigan Tech account.

Your Request

Commenting on your request to provide additional information

Use the black Comment button to add additional information to your request.  When you select the Comment button you'll be given an expandable Comment box as well as a Notify box.  Put your comments for IT into the Comments box.  The Notify box is optional so you can leave it blank and IT will still be notified.  If there are multiple people associate with your request, clicking the "people" icon to the right of the Notify box will show everyone associated with your request, allowing you to pick who gets notified.

Comment and Notify boxes

Replying to a question or comment from an IT technician

Your conversation back and forth with IT is visible in the Feed section toward the bottom of your request.  If you click on Comment under an entry in the Feed, you'll be given an expandable Comment box to reply directly to the person who made that entry.

Reply in your Request's Feed

Adding an attachment to your request

Select the black Add Attachment button at the top of your request to add a document and share it with IT.

Withdrawing your request

In cases where you realize you don't need IT help any longer, you can choose the red Withdraw Request button at the top of your request.  In the resulting form, add any optional comments you have, then click Withdraw to close out your ticket.

Withdraw your request


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