Printing using special paper on the HuskyPrint stations

If you have special paper, e.g., cardstock, colored paper, or larger format paper, you can print to it using the manual feed tray.

  1. Select Husky-BW or Husky-Color.
  2. At your computer, before you select Print, select Printer Properties.
  3. Determine the paper size, type, and color of your special paper. You will need to choose the same options at the HuskyPrint station later when you insert your special paper.  Select the drop-down arrow for Paper to change paper options.
    • Select Other Size if it is a different type other than Letter (8.5 x 11") (ex. Legal (8.5 x 14").
    • Select Other Color if it is a color other than white (ex. Ivory).
    • Select Other Type if it is a different type other than plain (ex. Lightweight Cardstock).
    • Select by Tray: (Do NOT choose Select by Tray).
      husky-bw Properties
  4. Select Print.
  5. At one of the HuskyPrint stations, place your special paper in the Bypass tray, which is located on the left side.
    Bypass Tray - located on the left side of the HuskyPrint station
  6. Select the same options that you chose for your print job on the printer's LCD screen. For example:
    • Size: Letter (8.5 x 11")
    • Type: Lightweight Cardstock
    • Color: Ivory
      Paper Settings - Tray 5 (Bypass)
  7. Tap your HuskyCard or use the Alternate Login on the HuskyPrint release station to release your print job.
  8. The print job will select the bypass tray if you have selected the same paper options for your print job and the paper settings for the bypass tray.

If you need additional help, visit us at the Technical Assistance Center on the 1st floor of the Library, email t, or call 7-1111.

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