Using Express Cash

You can add Express Cash to your HuskyCard and it will function like a debit card for on-campus purchases. Use it to purchase items at campus retailers, including the Campus Bookstore, University Images, Rozsa Box Office, SDC Central Ticket Office, the MUB Food Court, the Library CafĂ©, Fusion, some vending machines, and HuskyPrint color stations. Express Cash balances carry over semester to semester. There are no transaction fees for adding value to the Express Cash account or spending Express Cash. Visit the Related Articles for how to add funds to your HuskyCard.

Adding Express Cash

Credit card

You can add Express Cash to your HuskyCard under the Payments tab at MyMichiganTech using a credit card.

Cash or check

You can add Express Cash to your HuskyCard using cash or check at the Technical Assistance Center. We do not accept credit card payments for Express Cash at the Technical Assistance Center.

Withdrawing Express Cash

You can request a partial cash withdrawal from your Express Cash account at the Technical Assistance Center during university business hours. There is a $3.00 charge for each cash withdrawal. Please note that there are withdrawal restrictions. The minimum withdrawal is $20. The maximum withdrawal of $200/day or $500/month.

Checking balances

You can check balances at MyMichiganTech or CS Gold WebCard Center.


You can request a full refund check of your Express Cash account or Top Dog Meals account by sending an email to IT from your Michigan Tech email. Please verify if you are permanently leaving the university and provide a mailing address for the check. We will deactivate your Express Cash account and place the check request to send to the provided address, which will take approximately two to three weeks for you to receive.

Report a problem with, or get a refund from a vending machine

Visit the Dining Services site for more information about vending machine issues.

Departmental purchase of Express Cash

If you would like to place Express Cash on an active student, staff, or faculty HuskyCard, you can visit the Technical Assistance Center and use cash or a check for the exact amount to Michigan Tech IT. Please provide the name and Michigan Tech account name or M# of the person. Express Cash can only be added to HuskyCards, not meal or special access cards. Express Cash is not able to be charged to an account index.

If you would like to use an account index to request a card for on-campus purchases, departments can complete the Dining Service Gift Cards form. Please contact Dining Services for more information.

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