Gradescope - Linking a Canvas course to a Gradescope course

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  1. Go to and log in. (For login instructions, refer to the article, Getting Started with Gradescope.)
  2. This will bring you to your Gradescope Dashboard.  Click on the Gradescope course that you want to link with a Canvas course.
    Gradescope dashboard with course cards
  3.   Select course settings from the left navigation bar of the Gradescope course.
    Gradescope course settings option
  4.  Select Canvas course Link in the Course Settings page. 
    Canvas course link option
  5. Select the Canvas course you want linked with the Gradescope course from the drop-down menu. Select the Link Course option.
    'Link Canvas course' menu to select course
  6.  The Canvas course link option (defined in Step 4) should now appear with the linked Canvas course name.
    Canvas course link
  7. Once you have linked your Canvas course, it's recommended to Sync your course roster next.  Please refer to the KB article on Syncing Canvas roster in Gradescope for details.


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