Syncing Canvas roster in Gradescope

  1. Log into Canvas ( and locate your Canvas course. 
  2. Select Settings from the left navigation bar of your Canvas course.
  3. Select the Navigation tab at the top of the page.
    Navigation tab in Course settings
  4. Find the Gradescope link in the lower list of items that are hidden from students.
  5. Move the Gradescope link to the top list of items that are visible to students.
  6. Select Save at the bottom of the page.
  7. The Gradescope link should now be visible on the left navigation bar of your Canvas course. Select Gradescope from the left navigation bar of your Canvas course.
    Gradescope link in left Navigation bar
  8. This will take you into the Gradescope Dashboard where you can select the corresponding Gradescope course.
    Course card on Gradescope Dashboard
  9. Select Roster from the left navigation bar of the Gradescope course.
    Roster option in left navigation bar of Gradescope course
  10. On the Course Roster page, select the Sync Canvas Roster option.
    Sync Canvas roster option
  11. A dialog box will appear that explains how users will be synced.  By default, Gradescope will email users to say that they have been added to the Gradescope course.  It is recommended that you uncheck the Email Notifications option. Click Sync Roster*If any changes take place on the Canvas roster, be sure to re-sync the roster. *
    Menu box for Sync with Canvas roster
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