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Microsoft Office 365 and OneDrive

Michigan Tech’s licensing agreement with Microsoft provides access to Office 365 and OneDrive for active students, faculty, and staff. Visit the Software Distribution Center and select Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus to view the instructions for how to download and use the software.

Any student whose primary affiliation is student and currently enrolled is eligible. Students who are enrolled for the Spring semester and the following Fall semester will not lose access over the summer.

When you leave Michigan Tech, you also lose access to these products under our university license. Before graduation or leaving the university, we recommend that you copy any files you wish to retain to a personal Microsoft OneDrive account or storage not associated with your Michigan Tech email address. You may enroll in other available consumer offers from Microsoft.

For students, your Michigan Tech Microsoft OneDrive contents are retained for 120 days before they are permanently deleted and non-recoverable. If you need help with recovery or transferring files within this 120-day timeframe, contact  to request temporary access.

Faculty with Emeritus status will retain access to Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus.

Microsoft software available for student personal computers

Actively enrolled students in one of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math) Departments (as defined by Microsoft) have access to the Azure Dev Tools for Teaching annual subscription license during semesters in which they are actively enrolled. Visit the Software Distribution Center and select Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching Software to view the instructions for how to download and use the software.

Microsoft is very strict about the fact that student may only access this system during semesters in which they are actually enrolled for courses. This means that if you are not taking courses over the summer (even if you are coming back in the fall), you will NOT have access. During times when your account is not active, Michigan Tech IT cannot provide you with serial numbers or downloads, even if you registered for the product while you were enrolled.

Some of the Microsoft products included are:

  • Windows Desktop OS
  • Windows Server
  • Visual Studio
  • Visio
  • Project
  • SQL Server

Activate with the product key

After you install and launch the software, you will activate using the product key. If the software prompts you to sign in, do NOT sign in. Select the option at the bottom of the sign in window that says, “I have a product key.” If you have already signed in, please sign out of the software by selecting your account name near the top right corner of the window, then select "I have a product key" the next time you launch the software.

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