Remote screen sharing between Windows and macOS

VPN and other requirements

A VPN connection is required, if off-campus or if using a minimally managed or personal device.

Your account will need remote and SSH access enabled on the Mac prior to connection. Please contact with the hostname of your Mac computer, if needed.

Remote Options

There are two ways to connect to macOS from a computer running Windows 10. One is a paid option ($50) and one is free but requires additional technical setup.

Paid option

Remotix Professional is offered at an academic institution discount for $50. If you are interested in purchasing a license, please fill out this service request form. An index number will be required for billing.

Free option

Software requirements

The following software must be downloaded and installed before proceeding: MTU VPN, Putty, and VNC Viewer.


Instructions for installing and connecting to the MTU VPN on Windows are available at Connecting to VPN in Windows.


Putty is availalbe at the Putty download website

  1. Select the most recent release from: Package Files > MSI (‘Windows Installer’) > 64-bit
  2. Follow the installation prompts and accept the defaults offered while running the installer. 
  3. Download the configuration file and double-click to load it into your computer’s registry. 
VNC Viewer

VNC Viewer is available at the RealVNC download website.

  1. Download the EXE x86/x64 installer for Windows. This should be selected by default.
  2. Follow the installation prompts and accept the defaults offered while running the installer.

Configuring Putty and connecting with VNC Viewer

  1. Connect to the MTU VPN.
  2. Open Putty. If you were able to download and install the registry file, you should see a profile named WinToMacTunnelConfig. With the profile highlighted, select the Load button. The Host Name and saved sessions box should be filled with the information from the configuration profile as shown below.
    Putty configuration window
  3. Set the hostname and the domain of your computer.
    If your computer is fully managed:
    If your computer is minimally managed:
    Note: After entering the hostname of your computer, you can select the profile name and select Save to default your hostname in the configuration.

  4. Select the Open button at the bottom of the Putty Configuration window. You will be prompted to enter the username of the computer you are attempting to access.
    Putty window login prompt

  5. Enter the password when prompted. Once the password is entered correctly you will see the prompt be static. Minimize this window; if closed, the connection will be dropped.
    putty window

  6. Open VNC Viewer and enter the following address:
    VNC viewer window

  7. VNC may display an error saying that the connection is not private. Select Continue.
    Error message

  8. Enter your Mac login credentials.
    mac authentication window

  9. You should now be viewing your Mac's sign-in window. Sign in with your computer’s credentials.

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