Finishing options for HuskyPrint stations

Michigan Tech's campus printers are equipped with options for adding finishing options to documents, such as staples or punched holes. Below are instructions for finding and enabling these settings, whether you're printing from a Michigan Tech campus computer or personal computer to a HuskyPrint station (black and white or color).

Finishing options on husky-bw/husky-color

  1. In the print dialog box, select one of the HuskyPrint printers.
  2. Select the Preferences button.
    select the preferences button in the general tab in the print dialog wndow
  3. A separate window will appear with the available printing options, based on whether you're using a personal computer or an on-campus, on-domain computer. Choose the scenario below that fits your situation.

From a personal computer (Windows)

Note: You will need to install Xerox's software to continue. To download the HuskyPrint installation package, which will install the required software, follow the steps at Adding HuskyPrint and Papercut to a Windows off-domain computer.

From the main print dialog window, select Print Settings. The Finishing options are located in the Printing Options tab as shown. Choose the options you want to add to your print job and press OK to continue.
printing options available for personal computers

On-campus on-domain computers

To display finishing options, select the down arrow in the Finishing section. Select your desired options and choose OK. To finish printing, in the main print dialog, select the Print button.

printing preferences for on-domain computers

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