Using the Panopto-Huskycast/Zoom integration

The Panopto-Huskycast platform features a Zoom integration which allows for the automatic transfer of Zoom cloud recordings into a specified Huskycast course folder.  To use this feature: 

  1. Send a request to to have the integration enabled in your account.  Once enabled in your Panopto-Huskycast account, this integration does not expire at the end of any specific semester term dates.  Continue with the steps below to move Zoom cloud recordings into a specified Huskycast folder.
  2. Identify or create a Huskycast course folder for your Canvas course. Reference the Creating a Huskycast Folder article for details.
  3. Set up a recurring Zoom meeting for your course. Reference the Setting up a Recurring Meeting Link and Sharing the Link with Student article for details.
  4. Log in to with your Canvas credentials.
  5. In the upper right corner of the screen under your login credentials, select User Settings.
    User Settings option under Login credentials
  6. From the window that appears, on the Info tab, scroll down to Meeting Import Settings.

    User Settings Page with Meeting Import Settings
  7. Select Add New to create a new folder mapping.

    User Settings Page
  8. In the text box under Meeting ID, paste the Zoom recurring meeting ID; select the folder the meeting should be mapped to from the Folder Name drop down menu, and select Save from under Actions to save the mapping.
    Meeting ID and folder name
  9. Each time you create a new Zoom cloud recording with this Meeting ID it should automatically transfer from your Zoom account into the Huskycast folder you specified.
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