Faxing a file from your computer

Prerequisite: You will need to have a multi-function copier/printer/fax machine with the print to fax feature enabled.

Note: The instructions may vary. The example here is using Adobe.

  1. With your document open, select File > Print
  2. Select the Printer button. 
  3. Select Properties. This will vary between software. In Adobe, it is Properties and in others, it may be Preferences.
  4. For Job Type, choose Fax.
  5. In the Fax window, select the Add Recipient button.  Fill in the required information (Name and Fax number) and other information if desired. For non-Michigan Tech campus numbers, you will need to add the digit 8 and a comma, e.g., 8, 19064871885. When finished, select OK.
  6. To receive an emailed confirmation, select the Options tab. For Confirmation, select Send to Email from the dropdown, enter your email address and choose OK.
  7. Back in the main Print dialog box, select Print
  8. A Fax Confirmation box will pop up (potentially under other windows). Select the recipient again, and press OK.
  9. Your document will be sent as a Fax. A confirmation email will confirm if the fax went through or not.
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