New Rich Content Editor

An optional New Canvas Rich Content Editor (RCE) is now available for use in Canvas courses.  It offers a more efficient editing interface for text and rich media throughout Canvas. The New RCE is available in Announcements, Assignments, Discussions, Pages, Quizzes and Syllabus. It offers several enhancements for content creation.

Toolbar menus are grouped by common icons and interactions.  If the browser is not expanded to the full width, an Options menu will appear on the far right end of the toolbar to show any hidden icons.  When an icon is selected from the editor, the toolbar menu displays an arrow by the most recently active icon.
Rich Content Editor showing the toolbar menu

  1. Format Text- This section of the editor allows a user to determine the text style, text alignment, bulleting and paragraphs.
  2. Add Course or External Content 
    1. Link icon - external links or course links
    2. Image icon - external, course or user images
    3. Record/Upload media -uploaded from computer, course files or user file folders
    4. Document icon - uploaded from computer files, course files or user files
  3. Clear formatting, add tables, insert math equations and open external tools by selecting the Apps icon. The Apps icon will display an alphabetical list of available apps along with a search field.  Only apps previously installed in the course are displayed.
    Rich Content Editor showing the lower corner menu
  4. Keyboard Shortcuts - to view the shortcuts menu click the Keyboard icon or ALT+F8 (PC) or ALT+FN+F8 (Mac)
  5. Accessibility Checker - this will check for common accessibility errors within the editor
  6. Word count - the Rich Content Editor keeps track of how many words have been generated
  7. HTML - allows a user to create content directly with HTML
  8. Resizing of the Rich Content Editor window

Auto-Save Feature of the Rich Content Editor

If a user navigates away from or refreshes a page while working in the Rich Content Editor, the Auto-Save feature will notify the user that Auto-Save content exists.  The user has the option to preview the content and decide whether or not to save it.  This feature helps the user retain new or edited content which may otherwise have been lost.  This feature is not supported on all pages and is not a guaranteed feature.
Auto-Save feature menu

How to Enable the New RCE in your Canvas Courses

To use the New Canvas Rich Content Editor in your courses:

  1. Go to the course Settings in the left navigation
  2. Select the Feature Options tab at the top
  3. Click the switch to turn on the RCE Enhancements options from the feature options list.

The new RCE should now be available throughout course.  View this short screencast (opens in a new window) to see how to enable the new RCE.



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