Grackle Docs Accessibility Checker for Google Documents

Grackle Docs is an add-on that works in Google Docs.  When you run Grackle Docs, it scans your document for many types of accessibility barriers.  All Michigan Tech students, staff, and faculty can use the full-featured version of Grackle Docs.

Open a Google Doc and select the Add-Ons menu in the main ribbon.  Select Get add-ons and search for Grackle Docs in the Add-ons menu.  Click Install to add it to your Google account.  You can also install the Grackle Docs add-on from this link.

To use Grackle Docs, select the Add-ons menu and choose Launch.  Grackle Docs will open as a sidebar to the right of your document and will automatically begin checking your document.
Add-ons tab in Google Doc

To access all the premium features of Grackle Docs you will need to sign in with your Michigan Tech email.

For more information on creating accessible Google Docs and using the Grackle Docs Add-on:


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