Adobe License Transition

Adobe Acrobat DC licensing has changed. Michigan Tech faculty and staff will now be required to sign in to Adobe Acrobat DC. Please see the following instructions for faculty and staff and departmental workstations for student employees.

Note:  This change affects computers (desktop and laptop) in offices. This does not affect computers in classrooms or conference rooms.
University-owned laptops needing only the Acrobat license: Faculty and staff, please follow the instructions on the download page. Students with university-owned computers, please call (906) 487-1111 and a customer service representative will assist with your license transition. 

Faculty and Staff Sign-in Instructions

  1. When launching Adobe Acrobat DC you will be prompted to sign in.  Enter your Michigan Tech email address ( and select Sign In.
    Adobe DC Sign in window
  2. If you use Adobe Creative Cloud,
    select Personal Account.

    If you only use Adobe Acrobat,
    select Company or School Account.

    Select personal account Select company or school account
  3. An Internet Redirection prompt will appear (displayed from Windows). Choose Yes to continue. 
    Internet redirection prompt
  4. At the SSO Sign-in page, enter your Michigan Tech username and password and select the LOGIN button.
    SSO Sign in page
  5. Your Adobe software is now ready to use.

Instructions for Departmental Workstations for Student Employees and Grad PC's

Departmental systems that are used by student employees require an additional step performed by the student employee.

Note: This only needs to be done once per workstation. 
  1. Select the Windows icon in the lower-left corner of your desktop.
    Windows icon
  2. Search for and select the Software Center application.
    Software Center app
  3. In the Software Center, search for and select "Acrobat DC Student License." 
    Acrobat DC Student License in the Software Center
  4. Select Install.
    Acrobat DC Student License Software
  5. Acrobat DC will now be ready to use.

If you need additional information or assistance, please contact IT at 487-1111 or email

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