Getting Started with EquatIO - Student Guide

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EquatIO make math digital

EquatIO is a tool that helps you create or listen to digital mathematical expressions and other scientific formulas.  EquatIO runs on Mac and Windows, as well as Google Chrome in the G-Suite apps.  

Anyone at Michigan Tech can install and use EquatIO on their devices.  Simply download the trial version of EquatIO for your device and register it with your Michigan Tech email address to access all the premium features.  You can also use EquatIO on any Windows lab computer that features AppsAnywhere.

The EquatIO toolbar

EquatIO toolbar. The list that follows refers to numbered items in the toolbar, rather than an ordered list of steps.

  1. The EquatIO editor allows you to type math expressions into the editor directly.
  2. The LaTex editor allows users to enter code and EquatIO provides alternative outputs.
  3. A user can write math expressions with a mouse or stylus and EquatIO converts it to digital math.
  4. EquatIO converts speech input into a digital expression to be inserted into a document.
  5. Enter an expression and EquatIO will plot it for visual representation.
  6. EquatIO mobile uses math optical character recognition (OCR), handwriting and speech input on your mobile device to insert math expressions into any document.
  7. The screenshot reader lets you turn any inaccessible equation on the web into accessible, editable math and automatically reads it aloud.



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