Digital Sign Troubleshooting and Incident Reporting Process

Michigan Tech IT empowers our customers that are so inclined to conduct an initial troubleshooting process to resolve an issue prior to submitting a service request.

For issues with a digital sign, refer to the recommended initial troubleshooting process below:

  1. Use the Reach dashboard to check the status of the digital sign (player)
  2. Perform a refresh of the content displayed on the sign via the refresh button in the Reach web interface
  3. Restart the player via the restart button in the Reach web interface
  4. Perform a power cycle of the player by performing as per the training provided with the commissioning.

For additional help with a digital sign, submit a Digital Signage Incident Request or call Michigan Tech IT during normal business hours at 906-487-1111. Please provide a complete description of the problem being experienced and note which of the above troubleshooting steps were performed when reporting an issue.

Support for content creation is available either from Michigan Tech IT during normal business hours by calling 906-487-1111 or by submitting a service request. Direct support is also available from  Reach Media Network, Monday through Friday from 7 am to 6 pm by calling 1-952-944-7727, option 4.

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