Submitting Grades Electronically via Canvas

  1. These instructions assume your Canvas gradebook reflects final grades accurately.  This means you have no muted columns, all assignments have grades entered, and your letter grading scheme is correct.
  2. Select the Help link in the Global Navigation toolbar in Canvas.
    The Help link
  3. Select the Michigan Tech CourseTools Page link.
    Michigan Tech CourseTools Page
  4. Choose Submit Grades Electronically via Canvas to launch the Grade Wizard.
    Michigan Tech CourseTools Page link
  5. Select the Launch Grade Wizard (Final) button on the bottom of the screen.  This will take you to a page listing all courses for which you can submit Final grades.
    Launch Grade Wizard (Final) button
  6. If you have entered your final grades into the Final (Course Grade) column in your Canvas gradebook, select the Continue with Grade Process button.
    Continue with Grade Process option
    1. If you have entered final grades into a different Canvas gradebook column, select the Change Canvas Gradebook Column button.
    2. Use the drop-down menu under New Final Grade Book Column to select your alternative Canvas gradebook column.  After selecting the alternative column, you will need to select the Save Changes button to return to the previous screen, where you will see your new column selection. Then select the Continue with Grade Process option.
      Selecting an alternative gradebook column
  7. Wait while your grades are extracted from Canvas.
    Notification screen of extracting grades
  8. After the grades are extracted, you will see a table showing all Valid, Invalid and Missing grades for that course.
    Valid, Invalid and missing grades
  9. If you do not have any Invalid or Missing grades for the course, select the Transfer Grades to Banner option.

    If you do have any Invalid or Missing grades for a course, you will need to update these grades in your Canvas gradebook before you transfer those grades to Banner.  Select the Review Invalid (or Missing) Grades button to see which grade(s) need attention.
    To update Invalid or Missing Grades:

    1. Go back to your Canvas gradebook in a new tab or window.
    2. Change or enter the grade(s).
    3. Return to the Grade Wizard and click on the 'Retrieve Updated Canvas Grades' button to extract your updated grades from the Canvas gradebook.
    4. Select the Transfer Grades to BANNER button to go to the Confirm Final Grades screen for that course.
  10. Review the grades to be submitted to Banner for that course.
  11. Select the Submit Grades to BANNER button to submit your Final Grades.
    Submit Grades to Banner button
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