Requesting and removing access to IT services

IT grants access to various services after Human Resources processes a request, either at time of hire or when processing a form during employment. 

Access types

Banner, WebFOCUS, and Perceptive Content

Supervisors must make a request through HR. Visit Banner Access and Support Contacts for more information.


Space coordinators are automatically given access to ASPIRE. Others desiring access will need to obtain authorization. To request access, please contact

The ASPIRE application (Accounting for Space, People, Indexes, Research, and Equipment) allows space coordinators to manage, and others to view the use of university space.  You can find more information about ASPIRE at the Space web page or the ASPIRE Google Site


Supervisors will need to contact Michigan Tech IT, by emailing, to request drive access for the new employee. The supervisor will need to include username or M#, the name of the drives needed, and an expiration date for access.

HuskyCard building access

Authorized departmental personnel can request building and room card access by emailing the Department of Public Safety and Police Services at Include the name, M# or username, building and room location, and expiration date for access. Only individuals who have an ongoing need to access University buildings after normal business hours are eligible for exterior door accessibility using their HuskyCard. HuskyCards are not to be loaned or transferred.


The designated departmental key coordinators will need to email to request access to the Keywatcher system.

The supervisor/representative will need to include account name or M#, the Keywatcher site location, and the Keywatcher profile needed.  (Representatives: Housing – Amy Raffaelli, MUB – Laura Harry, Facilities - Shannon C. Brodeur/Robert Garnell)


The designated departmental key coordinator will need to visit the Department of Public Safety and Police Services (DPSPS) website and complete the form. The DPSPS administers physical keys for buildings and offices.


Employees are able to add most printers to their computers without requesting access. Visit Adding Networked Printers (Windows) for instructions.

If a department places restrictions on certain printers, the supervisor will need to contact IT at and make a request to add printing access for the new employee. Include the name, M# or username, and the name of the restricted printer. The employee can then add the printer using the instructions in the IT Support Center.

Removing access

Follow the Separation/Transfer Checklist provided by Human Resources.

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