Moving or removing an office phone

Moving an office phone

If you need to move a phone, please send an email to detailing:

  • Phone number to be moved
  • Building and room where you'd like the phone number moved
  • Would you also like the physical phone unit moved?

There are several things to consider when moving a physical phone:

  • If you are interested in moving the phone number only, you can do that and get a new number for the phone that is remaining at no cost.
  • It is important to specify if you want the physical phone moved or just the number.  Because there is a cost to add a new phone, please consider talking to your departmental budget person so they fully understand the costs involved (if any).
  • There should be no issues if you are moving the phone within the same department.
  • If you are moving a phone to another department, if you will need to replace that phone in your department, you would need to pay for a new phone (one time cost of ~$300).

Removing an office phone

If you have a phone you wish to remove from an individual, Michigan Tech IT recommends that departments reassign the service to the department instead of removing it from operation for the following reasons:

  • There is no monthly operating fee for existing phones that are connected.
  • Relocating the phone to an existing connection is a no-cost option.
  • If a phone is removed and later a new phone is needed, the requesting department will be required to pay $50 for activation and a $200 minimum for the phone (depending upon model).

If you would like to remove an individual and reassign the phone number to the department or to another person, please send an email to detailing:

  • Phone number to reassign
  • Who you would like reassigned to the phone number (department or another person's name/email)


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