Managing your Home Directory Quota

Note: If you are accessing the StorageTools site from off campus, you will need to connect to the campus VPN using the instructions for Windows, Mac or Linux.

You may receive an email  that you are exceeding your home directory (H:\ drive) quota.  You can check your current usage and manage your quota using the instructions below.

  1. Please visit the StorageTools site and sign in with your Michigan Tech username and password.
    StorageTools Login
  2. Once you are logged in, you will see a "Self Service" section on the left side that has the two options listed below:
    SelfService Options
  3. To check your current H:\drive usage and quota allotment, select the Check My Home Directory Data Usage link and then select the Run Command button.
    Check Home Directory usage
  4. After running the command, you should see something like the output below:
    Usage output
    Note: This indicates that my H:\ drive quota is set at 49GB and I'm currently using 42.98GB.
  5. Once you've determined the usage of your H:\drive, you may need to identify files that need to be removed to get back below your set quota. To do this, select List Directories By Size in the Self Service section.
  6. Directory by size
  7. To see a listing of directories in order of size, select the Run Command button, and you should see output similar to this:
    Directory by size output
  8. At this point, you can determine which directories are taking up the most space and make the necessary modifications to get back below your home directory quota.  
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