M: multidrive shares

The M: multidrive lists the specific directories or folders to which you have access. This includes your personal H: home directory (mtucifs_home), your personal Web pages (my_web_files), and shared folders to which you have access. M: multidrive shares, or data repositories, can be set up for individual, group, departmental, or course-based use.

Individual, group, or departmental

A faculty or staff can request an individual, group, or departmental data repository to store data on a network share, which is stored outside of the personal Home (H:\ drive) directory. The faculty or staff requesting can use an access group for the data repository, then request to add or remove members.


A course-based data repository simplifies the process of course-related data dissemination, as well as the review of student assignment results, in a secure and private environment. It keeps course-related data out of a students’ personal Home (H:\ drive) directories which may not have adequate space for large course assignment results.

Student data folder automation

Access is based on course enrollment and is automatically updated on weekdays (up to 1 business day delay).

Private folders

Each student has their own folder that can only be accessed by the student owner, instructor, and designated graders.

Material folder

Each course repository contains a course_material folder that is managed by the instructor and viewable by all members.

Shared folder

Each course repository contains a shared_folder that allows access by all members.


Each designated grader has access to view the contents of student folders to allow reviewing of assignment results.

Repository size

The instructor requests the repository size based on projected assignment results and enrollment.  This can be adjusted any time during the semester, if necessary.

What to expect

The data repository will be accessible from within the M: multidrive. For example, for a course-based data repository for M:\me1234, the contents of folder me1234 would contain:

  • course_material
  • shared_folder
  • sally_student (really an accountname)
  • joe_student  (really an accountname)

Request an M: multidrive share

Requests are honored only for faculty and staff. If you are a student, please work with your adviser or supervisor to have them submit the request.

Please visit Request an M: multidrive share then select Request Service and complete the Asset Details section.  

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