How to request a multidrive share

What is a multidrive (M:\ drive) share?

The multidrive (M:\drive) is a folder that contains your shared network repositories (folders). M:\ drive does not refer to an actual shared folder, but rather contains links to your specific shared folders. The M:\ drive is backed up daily on IT’s servers and allows you to access previous versions of the files/folders simply by right clicking with your mouse and choosing Properties and navigating to the Previous Versions tab. M:\drive repositories can be set up for personal/individual or group access.

Note: If you are looking for a Course Data Repository, please refer to the support article on requesting a course-based repository.

How to make a request

To request a multidrive (M:\drive) share, open the request form, read through the description, and fill out the required details under the Asset Details field as shown in the below screenshot. If you are unsure how to answer a question in the Asset Details, please leave it blank and a member of our Storage team will work with you to complete the template. All share repositories require the approval of a FTE staff or faculty member.

Note: You will be required to sign in with your Michigan Tech account name and password.

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