Troubleshooting Panopto Playback in Canvas within Safari on macOS

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Panopto/Huskycast videos are unable to load in Safari for video playback within Canvas. An error message appears saying,

"We were unable to sign you in because your browser is not accepting cookies. Click here to sign in. To open this page in a new tab click here."

Fix #1: Change Safari's Privacy Settings

  1. Click on Safari in the menu bar and then click on Preferences from the drop-down menu.

  2. In the Preferences window that opens, click on the Privacy tab.

  3. Next to Website Tracking uncheck the box next to "Prevent cross-site tracking."

  4. Close the Safari Preferences window and then reload the Canvas page. 

Fix #2: Use an Alternate Web Browser

If you do not want to change your privacy settings, you can use another browser in addition to Safari on your computer. Both Google Chrome and Firefox allow some cross-site tracking, resulting in an easier time for users in this type of case.


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Tue 9/6/22 3:01 PM
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