Manage CloudPaging Player cache (personal devices)

You can leave the default Cloudpaging Player options, unless you need to change the cache location to a secondary disk (D: drive) or need to clear the cache.

Note that cache options cannot be changed while AppsAnywhere applications are running or if there is not enough disk space to accommodate the cache.


  1. Exit out of all AppsAnywhere applications.
  2. Select FileExit to close out of the Cloudpaging Player.
  3. Select the Windows Start Menu.
  4. Enter Cloudpaging Player.
  5. Right-click on the Cloudpaging Player.
  6. Select Run as Administrator.
  7. The Cloudpaging Player will open. Select FileOptionsCache.
  8. Modify the options, then select Apply.
  9. Select FileExit to close out of the Cloudpaging Player.
  10. Visit AppsAnywhere to launch applications with the new settings applied.


Automatically increase cache size

By default, the automatically increase cache size option is checked. This is set to allow sufficient cache to be able to run applications. You can remove the check if your available free space is low; however, this may result in insufficient cache.

Desired size (MB)

By default, the desired size option is set to 4096 MB. You can adjust from 4059 MB to 80199 MB, based on your available free disk space.

Clear Cache

You can clear the application cache by selecting Clear Cache.

Cache location

By default, the cache location option is set to C:\ProgramData\Numecent\StreamingCore\Cache\ . You can select Change, then browse to select another location to run your applications, such as a secondary disk (D: drive).

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