Turnitin Draft Coach

Turnitin Draft Coach

Turnitin Draft Coach provides access to Turnitin tools for anyone at Michigan Tech via their Google Docs account.  Draft coach lets you run a similarity check on a document, validate document citations, and identify grammatical errors.  Draft Coach is enabled for all Michigan Tech Google accounts and is available from the Extensions menu within a Google Document. 

Turnitin Draft Coach sidebar in a Google document


Similarity Check

When running a Similarity Check, if content in the Google Doc matches or is similar to a source in the Turnitin database it is flagged for review in the Turnitin Draft Coach side panel.  Matched content is highlighted and color correlated to source content for review.  Up to three similarity checks can be run on a specific Google document.  It's recommended to distribute these checks throughout the drafting process to maximize improvement of the document.

Citations Check

Citations Check helps identify when citations are missing references or when your references are missing citations. The check focuses on identifying matching pairs of citations and references within a document.  It also detects the number of citations, references, and the citation style used in the document.

Grammar Guide

The Grammar Guide tool searches a document and identifies errors in four categories using US-English grammar rules.  Potential errors are highlighted and listed with suggestions on how they can be corrected.  The four categories are grammar, mechanics, usage, and structure.  Spelling errors are not part of this check.

For more information on how to use Draft Coach please consult the Turnitin resources below.




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