Using sunapsis Launcher

To connect to sunapsis, you must use the sunapsis Launcher. 

If you have previously installed sunapsis Launcher and connected to the test system, you will use the same icon on your desktop to connect. Make sure you change the available version to "".

Installation instructions

  1. Select the Windows Start Menu.
  2. Search for and launch the Software Center application.
  3. Search for and select sunapsis Launcher.
    software center window with sunapsis launcher icon shown

Launch sunapsis Launcher

  1. Connect to the VPN
  2. Once installed, double-click the new icon on your Desktop.
  3. Select the Available Versions tab. For the "Please enter your school's sunapsis URL" question, enter the following:
    • For Production sunapsis:
    • For Test sunapsis:
  4. Select Load available versions.
  5. Select Install.
  6. Select Launch sunapsis. If a new version is available, click OK to download.
    sunapsis window with new version window displayed
  7. Select Launch sunapsis again.
    select launch sunapsis
  8. When prompted, log in using your Michigan Tech account name and password.
  9. After you log in, the Sunapsis main menu will load.

If you have any questions or concerns, we can help. Contact us at or call 7-1111.


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