Gradescope - Setting up a Programming Assignments assignment type

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Gradescope offers different assignment types.  The Programming Assignments allow instructors to grade student code with either a custom written autograder and/or manual grading using Gradescope.

  1. Log in to  
  2. At the Gradescope dashboard page select the course that you want to create an assignment for.
  3. Select Assignments from the left navigation bar of the course.
    Assignment option in left navigation bar
  4. Select Create Assignment from the lower right corner of the screen. 
    'Create Assignment' option
  5. Select Programming Assignments and then select Next.
    Assignment type menu options
  6. At the Assignment Settings dialog box, you will need to fill in the assignment name, autograder points, release date and due date.  There are also the options to allow manual grading and enable a leaderboard.  Select Create Assignment when all required fields are completed.
    Assignment settings
  7. At the Configure Autograder dialog box, you will be asked to upload your autograder code zip file. Be sure the autograder code meets the Gradescope specifications. Select Update Autograder.
    Configure Autograder dialogue box
  8. Follow the Gradescope Autograder guidelines to structure your autograder.


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