Gradescope - Setting up an Exams & Quizzes assignment type

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Gradescope offers different assignment types.  The Exams & Quizzes assignment type allows the instructor to administer and collect students' work. The instructor would then scan student submissions into Gradescope.  This assignment type is typically used for in-person paper/pencil exams.

  1. Log in to  
  2. At the Gradescope dashboard page select the course that you want to create an assignment for.
  3. Select Assignments from the left navigation bar of the course.
    Assignment option in left navigation bar
  4. Select Create Assignment from the lower right corner of the screen. 
    'Create Assignment' option
  5. Select Exams & Quizzes as the assignment type.and select Next.
    Assignment types
  6. In the Assignment Settings, enter the name of the assignment and upload a PDF of the Exam/Quiz.  When complete, select Create Assignment.  
    Assignment settings
  7. This will take you into the Assignment Outline.  Please reference Gradescope's Creating an Outline for guidelines on setting up an assignment outline.
    Outline for an assignment


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