Duo troubleshooting

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If you forget your device at home or it’s lost or stolen

Contact Michigan Tech IT to get a temporary code. We will need to verify you in-person or over videoconferencing. We recommend registering multiple devices for this reason. You can add or remove devices on the Two-Step registration page.

If you get a new mobile phone number

If you are switching phone numbers, please visit the Two-Step registration page to register your new number by using the existing phone number before you discontinue your service. Otherwise, you will not be able to add your new device without having an active phone number in Duo, unless you contact IT in-person or use videoconferencing to verify your identity. See Activating the Duo app on a new device or phone number.

If you’re traveling somewhere without mobile service or don’t have your phone with you

If you have the Duo app installed and activated on your existing phone, you can use the passcode feature while you travel. See Using Duo while travelling as well as Duo's installation guide for more detailed instructions.

Duo Push notifications

Once you install the Duo app and activate Duo on your phone, you will need to enable notifications on your phone. Please visit the Troubleshooting articles for Android or iOS devices.

Need help?

For additional questions about Duo, we can help. Contact IT by sending an email or call 906-487-1111.


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