Using iClicker Cloud for classroom polling

iClicker Cloud allows instructors to engage students with polling questions, quizzes, or track attendance in face-to-face and remote classroom sessions.  Instructors can download the iClicker Cloud desktop software to get started.  If you plan to use the classroom PC to run the iClicker Cloud software make sure to confirm that you do not have admin rights for the computer.  You should then be provided with a downloaded version of the iClicker Cloud software that will run on the computer without the need to install or have administrative credentials.

iClicker Student App is the mobile or website application students use to participate in polling, quizzing and attendance from their smartphone, tablet, or laptop.  Review the iClicker Quickstart Guide: Using iClicker for Remote Instruction.  This guide will assist you in creating a free iClicker Cloud Instructor account, creating your course and downloading the iClicker Cloud desktop software.

If you want to sync grades from an iClicker Cloud session to your Canvas gradebook, you will need to set this up at the start of your course.   Please reference the Instructor Guide: iClicker Cloud Roster & Grade Sync with Canvas for detailed instructions on setting up your course.

This Student Guide: iClicker Roster & Grade Sync Integration is a great resource to confirm or create an existing iClicker student account.

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