Tips and tricks for successful classroom usage

Here are some recommendations for successful classroom usage:

  • Repeat questions from the class for students who may not have heard it or for students viewing the session on-demand (no rooms are equipped with microphones to pick up questions from the class).
  • When using the document camera or whiteboard, write in large-sized font to ensure legibility of content.
  • If pre-printing content to use on the document camera, use sans-serif fonts and a size of at least 22 points.
  • When writing on the document camera, ballpoint pens and pencils are not recommended. It is best to use a medium point, water-based felt tip. NO Sharpies!
  • Be respectful of others using the room; please end on time and leave the room in a state to allow those using the room after you to easily locate and begin using the classroom technology.


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