Pre-recording preparation and checks for classroom recordings

Pre-recording checklist

  • Recordings are scheduled to start one minute prior to the scheduled start time of the class and will stop one minute past the scheduled end time of class.
  • Ensure that the podium PC is powered on.  If the PC is powered off, the remote recorder will be unable to start the recording session.
  • If the room is equipped with a camera, be sure to check the preview to verify that the camera is oriented properly for your needs.
  • In rooms with abundant sunlight from windows, close the shades to allow for easier viewing of projectors.
  • Turn on the microphone and clip it securely to your clothing.  
  • Ensure that the microphone is ON and has charged batteries.  The status of the transmitter can be determined from the color of the light on its top.
    • Green indicates that the mic is ON and batteries have more than 10% charge.
    • Amber indicates that the mic is MUTED; short press the power button on top of the transmitter or until the light changes color.
    • Red indicates that the mic has LOW BATTERIES; replace the batteries (dispose of depleted batteries in the trash can)
    • No indicator light -- Mic is not powered on or batteries are depleted.

Wearing a lavalier microphone

  • Please wear clothing that will accommodate attaching a lavalier microphone.  Clothing that will not interfere with or rub on the mic element is recommended.
  • It is recommended to tie long hair back or wear it in such a way that it will not obstruct or make contact with the mic element.
  • Attach the microphone to your clothing near your mid-chest with the microphone facing your mouth.  The mic should be approximately 12-18 inches from your mouth.  Please note that clipping the microphone off to one side of your body or too close to your throat will result in degraded recording quality.
  • Do not clip the microphone to jewelry, lanyards, or any other item that will move.
  • It is helpful to wear clothing with pockets to allow the transmitter to be stored there.  It can also be clipped to your waist.

Using a handheld microphone

  • When using a handheld microphone, hold the microphone about halfway down the stem; do not hold the microphone near the windscreen/pop filter (the spherical top of the microphone).
  • The microphone should be between 6 and 8 inches from your mouth when talking.

**Please note that once a recording begins and the microphone is powered on, everything said during the session will be captured.  Due to the volume of recordings created daily on campus, neither IT nor the Jackson Center for Teaching and Learning will provide post-editing services to correct mistakes or remove content.  The CTL can provide training on editing recordings if requested.**


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