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Michigan Tech uses Duo, a two-factor authentication service to verify your identity when you log into systems with access to sensitive information. This adds another level of protection to your account if your password is lost or stolen.

When you log in to a system like Banner or MyMichiganTech, Duo will ask you to choose a method to verify your identity. For verification, Duo requires a secondary device such as a phone, tablet, PIN generator, or USB hardware key (yubikey).

Duo registration

Enroll a device

To add a device to your account, go to the Two-Step registration page and select Add New Device. You must register at least one device to use two-factor, but we recommend that you have more than one device or phone number registered to your account.

Register multiple phone numbers

Having multiple ways to access Duo will be useful if you are unable to access your primary Duo verification method, e.g., if you break your phone, change your phone number, run out of battery on a mobile device, or are out of the service area. You can register additional phone numbers or landlines. Faculty and staff are encouraged to register their office phones.

Can you update my phone number through an email request?

We will need to verify you in-person or over videoconferencing during university business hours before we can change your phone number, due to the secure nature of Duo. For this reason, we recommend having multiple devices registered so that you’re able to access Duo at any time.

Choose your device(s)

The options most people use for device registration are:

  • Smartphone or tablet: Install the Duo app to make sure you can access Duo, even without cell or wireless service. You can use the phone call, Duo Push, and passcode options when you install the Duo app.
  • Mobile phone: On non-smartphones, you can use the phone call feature for verification.
  • Landline: Register your office and/or home phone to use the phone call feature for verification.
  • PIN generator or Duo token: The Duo token generates a PIN that can be used for verification. These are available at the Technical Assistance Center (TAC) during regular university business hours. Note that the Duo app also includes the PIN generator function.
  • USB hardware key: Another option is to purchase and use a USB hardware key or Yubikey for your use. You will need to have a USB port on your computer to use it.

Need help?

For additional questions about Duo, we can help. Contact IT by sending an email or call 906-487-1111.

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