Restoring archived Huskycast videos

The Panopto Huskycast video platform uses a content retention policy that automatically archives video content that has not been viewed in the last 25 months.  Archived videos will inherit the following behaviors:

  • Not available for immediate viewing
  • Can be restored to on-demand access by the creator or anyone with view access
  • Restoring archived videos may take up to 48 hours
  • Archived videos will not display in their folder
  • Email notifications will be sent to creator and requester when an archived video has been restored

How to restore an archived video

To restore archived videos within a Panopto Huskycast folder navigate to the folder and select the Archive button from the right side of the folder settings (see image below).

Panopto Huskycast folder view with archive button selected

Hover your mouse over the archived video thumbnail.  An archive icon will display on the thumbnail and an option to "Restore from Archive" will appear to the right of the thumbnail.  Click this option to submit the restore request.

Restore from archive button highlighted for an archived Panopto video


Restoring an archived Panopto Huskycast video may take up to 48 hours.  For more information review the resource document below or contact the Jackson Center for Teaching and Learning ( for assistance.




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