Adding Banner Forms to the Banner Favorites List

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Adding forms to your Favorite menu will allow you to use the Favorite menu to easily access Banner forms. 

Open the form and add to Favorites

  1. Enter the name of the form in the search field. When the full form name is shown, click the star icon to add the form to the favorite menu, then hit the Return key to go to the form.
    Banner search engine window

Add to Favorites from Recently Opened

  1. Alternatively, you can type the name of the form and hit the Return key.  From the left navigation, go to Recently Opened.
    Recently Opened in the left nav menu
  2. Add the form to your Favorites list by selecting the star.
    select star to favorite the form
  3. To access the form in the future, go to the Favorites menu and the form will be listed along with any other forms you've favorited.
    list of favorite forms


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