WebFOCUS Version 8207

Log in to WebFOCUS

Log Into WebFOCUS at https://www.banweb.mtu.edu/ibi_apps/signin.

Use your Michigan Tech account name and password.

Business Intelligence Portal login window

Menus and Navigation

Top Menu Bar

TIBCO WebFocus top manu bar

Items in the top menu bar from left to right:

main menu iconMain Menu. Shortcuts to Home, Workspaces, Portals, and other tools that you have access to.  Home, Workspaces, and Portals are discussed in the Left Side Menu Bar section below.

tools iconTools.  Go here if you need to stop a long running report.
help iconHelp. Online help and links to other resources.  This is explained further at the end of this document. 

user profile iconUser Profile. Go here to change preferences and to sign off.

Left Side Menu Bar

left side menu bar shows three icons for Home, Workspaces, and PortalsHome.  Go here to see the reports that you recently worked on, reports that were shared with you, and your list of reports marked as Favorites.

Workspaces.  In the prior version of WebFOCUS, this area was called “Content”.  This is where you will find all the reports and other objects that you have access to organized into folders.  Double click a folder to open and expand it.  Double click a report to run it.  The search feature is explained below.

Portals.  Click here to list all the portals and dashboards that you have access to.  As with reports, double-click a portal to run it.

Home example

Below is an example showing some reports and portals that were recently worked on or run. In this case, the list of reports is displayed in a “tile” view.  Double click on a report to run it.  You can switch this view to a more detailed “list” view by clicking on the icon under the “All Workspaces” dropdown.  An example of the list view is shown later in the Workspaces example.


Reports window where the list of reports is displayed in a “tile” view

Workspaces example

Below is an example of the Applicant Reports subfolder opened within the Student > Admissions folder.  To run a report listed, double click it.  In this case, the reports are listed in a “list” view that displays columns or attributes. 

To see more/fewer columns, click on the gear icon to the right of the Size column. 

Click on a column heading (e.g. Summary) to sort the list of reports by that column.  The folder path starting with the word “Workspaces >” is a clickable breadcrumb.  So, for example, you can click on Student within this breadcrumb to easily go back and open the Student folder.

Applicant Reports subfolder opened within the Student > Admissions folder

Portals example

Below is an example of the Portal section where the two portals or dashboards are displayed as tiles.  As with reports, you can double click a portal to run it or display the portals in a list view.

Portal section where the two portals or dashboards are displayed as tiles

Searching for a report and other objects

You can search for objects from your Home, Workspaces, and Portals areas.  After you enter a few characters, the search will automatically display a list of reports and objects that you have access to and that have a report name and/or description containing the word that you typed in. This is a case insensitive search. Click on a report name to run a report that was found by the search.  

If you would like to search based on the AND & OR operators (e.g. find all reports that contain the word “school” and the word “list”), then you can use the Advanced Search found underneath the search results.

Search example

The following image shows the search results (3 reports) for the word “SCHool” by someone that has access to reports in the Student area. 

Webfocus report example of searching for a report on Schools

Additional help and resources

As mentioned above, you can access online help by clicking on the help button in the top menu bar.  Select Help > Web Client Help to access online manuals.

In addition to the online manual, the help button can take you to TIBCO’s (the company that owns WebFOCUS) knowledge base and videos. From Help, select Technical Resources (KB).  Note that due to licensing and security settings, you may not have access to all the features and capabilities mentioned or shown in these videos and documentation.



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